Fr. John Furniss C.Ss.R.; Books for Children, and Young Persons; Book X. The Sight of Hell

(At least a decent copy of the) text of the 1874, Dublin, edition of The Sight of Hell by Fr. John Furniss C.Ss.R. Original scanned book [here].
Page Size: A5
Page Count: 28 total

First Published: Aug-2023

Last Updated: 04-Sep-2023

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There are also some minor differences between this and the 1882 edition printed in New York by P. J. Kennedy, most notably the 1882 edition: updates the British to American English; mis-spells St. Frances of Rome as "Francis"; and omits the following:

[Turn all the earth into little grains of sand ...]
Cover all the earth and all the skies with little dots like these . . . Let every dot stand for a hundred thousand millions of years. Is this Eternity? No.

[... he throws the fire down his throat to kill himself. "He looks for death and it cometh not."—Job iii.] He is on his feet again; he runs like a madman towards the walls of Hell. He dashes his head up against the walls. He hopes that his brains will be beaten out, and that he will die, and that his torments will end. "He looks for death and it cometh not."